Head above the Waters

Tell us about a time when you were left on your own, to fend for yourself in an overwhelming situation — on the job, at home, at school. What was the outcome?

Source: Sink or Swim

I have never been in a life-or-death situation where I was left to fend for myself, but some of them feels as if it was to about to end me. Some cases that came to mind will be those times in university when–I guess everyone has had this experience–we have unreliable group-mates and we were left on our own to finish the project. In the process I would be annoyed to death, but when it ends, I mostly would just be glad it is over. A tip I would like to tell anyone who is currently having the same problem would be: try to communicate the problem with the group before it was too late to do so; in which case you will only end up with you grumbling while finishing the work. If that does not work, do not hesitate to let the instructor know of what happened if you still feel it is unfair for them to share the same credit as you do.

Way to give out advice about university life.

Other things which crosses my mind would be that one time I was around five or six and got lost at the mall, which I definitely did not deal with too well. It was without exaggeration truly scary and I remembered crying out really hard. I didn’t let go of my Mum when she found me. That is definitely the most overwhelming moment for fetus me, which could be a metaphor of how I deal with life today: being lost and basically pouring my heart out to my Mum whenever I just can’t take it anymore. Seriously, this is only an iota of why our Mums are amazing. I mean, how is it that a person could actually listen to you constantly bitching about almost the similar stuff?

It is really weird that this is the one thing that came to my mind. I guess this would probably be the lamest story the Daily Prompt unwillingly features in today’s topic. I am so sorry.

Regardless of the circumstances, I have always thought that it is part of the human instinct to do whatever it can to survive… up until I was trapped in the rabbit hole of the nagging question on what the point of life is. Thus how I develop the corrosive habit of procrastination, which brings me to this day, “swimming my way on the vast sea of uncertainties”. Just barely though.

Despite the consistently rather negative take I have about life in general, I have never had thoughts of ending my own life. Basically because I am a bloody coward. Essentially, I cannot handle the thought of having to deliberately harm my body to put an end to all “the misery of chasing ideals”. I guess, against all my skepticism about humanity, there is still certain mundane and petty things that I feel like I want to experience before I die.

Weird that it is the flimsy stuff that gives life meaning and prevent you from “sinking”, don’t you think?

So, I reckon there are times when one should reasonably take breaks, entertain or distract themselves from things gnawing them to enjoy the little, petty things in life, unless those who have risks too unbearably big on the long term. Watch movies or YouTube videos, read books, travel, meet a good friend for a chat, rant it out on a blog post, draw weird abstract stuff, have a day off, curl up on your bed and do nothing… you know, anything that makes you feel like you found “something you can hold onto and take a breather” after all the “constant swimming” you did.

Hope that is enough to keep our heads above waters.


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