Fiction Friday: Careful What You Wish For

You walk into your home to find a couple you don’t know sitting in your living room, eating a slice of cake. Tell us what happens next.

Source: Unexpected Guests

Jack needed to drag himself to walk back home. It has been a long day at school when it seemed that the teachers cannot seem to tolerate Roxy being caught up in another unexplainable situation, and as her older sibling, naturally he should be involved to sort it out… not.

Being in a new school and around new classmates have been a little difficult, not to mention actually making friends. All the kids in this new big school seem very intimidating he feels almost always out of place. So it does for Roxy. But with all the hullabaloo that has been happening, it seemed even harder for her to fit in.

One classmate of hers, who has been constantly picking on her, accused Roxy of pulling a prank on him sitting in front of her as once his butt seemed to stick to his seat. He started to panic and caused a ruckus, much to the amusement of the rest of the class. The homeroom teacher was not too pleased with the interruption and she made way to approach him. But as he was pulling himself too hard, it seemed that the supposed adhesive was not there anymore that he fell over from the chair face first to the floor.

Jack himself has never seen someone so red in the face, most probably out of both wrath and embarrassment. Until he witnessed what happened in the following weeks.

Her class bully was covered in bolognese sauce and pudding in the cafeteria as one of her minions slipped her food tray to her head while they were confronting Roxy. Mrs. Thompson, the biology teacher, got frogs leaping directly towards her face out of the tank as she instructed Roxy to get one for an experiment (with frogs being Roxy’s biggest phobia). The baseball club incident, in which Coach Heynes, who is notorious for his harsh words of “discipline for perfection”, suddenly seemed to forget how to make a hit with the bat as he was trying to show Roxy how to. The third ball struck his nose that it bled profusely.

Despite all the rumors of her being a psychic or some sort, today, the same girl previously covered in cafeteria food tried to pull the typical revenge stunt. She cornered Roxy and attempted to push her face into the toilet, only for one of her other minions shoving her face inside the potty instead… followed by a stupid cat fight.

No matter how hard Jack tried to cheer her up; that maybe it was all an accident, that she should not think too much of the stupid bullies or the rumors, that maybe the leeches of the bully were just that thick, that she should stop feeling bad about what happened; Roxy appear to detach herself more, even at home. Jack noticed that she has also been having nightmares as she talked in her sleep, saying she didn’t mean for any of them to happen. Even though he attempted to show her he is there for her, she would be either sleeping already or telling him she wanted to be alone. That is also why he is walking home by himself instead.

Jack finally arrived at home when he found a man and a woman sitting opposite his Mum in the living room, enjoying a slice of carrot cake each. Roxy’s favorite. He had no idea he has been standing at the hallway for a little too long for the couple to realize his presence.

Mum followed their gaze and stood up to give him a hug, “Oh, you’re home, Jack.” She introduced him to the guests.

“This is Dr. Lee and Mr. Crenshaw,” she told him as both of them shook his hand, “they are here to talk to your sister. Speaking of which, where is she? Is she not coming home with you?”

“Err, she… uh, needed to stay a little more while at school today,” he chose his words carefully. He saw that his Mum understood him.

“Alright. Why don’t you go to your room and rest. You look really tired.”

He went up the stairs to his room even though he could not help wondering who those people are and why they have come to talk to Roxy. Has the school reported the incidents to some sort of a social welfare institution? Will Mum be inspected regularly because they think she was not capable enough as a single parent? What will they do to Roxy? What will this become of their family?

His thoughts were cut off when he heard the sound of knocking on the window. It was Roxy. He immediately opened the window and helped her inside the room. Before he even asked, she replied,

“Thanks to your irritating habit, the front door was ajar when I heard guests in the living room with Mum just as I was about to come into the house, saying they need to see me as quick as possible.”

He snorted as she shushed him. “Right, sorry. Finished with detention?”

“Obviously,” she sat down on the floor, leaning her back to the wall, “Didn’t think I would want more attention for skipping it, did you?”

“And this is how we finally started talking after weeks,” he sprawled on the floor as well, “brilliant.”

“With strangers coming to our house saying they would like to see me, I guess it’s time I resort to talking to you despite of worrying about this Carrie thing alone,” she replied.

Silence consumed the room for a while. It is weird that Jack feels like they went back to their usual banter like nothing happened, only to question if they really are coming back to their normal selves; being normal siblings.

Roxy sighed, “Look, Jack, I am really sorry I shut you down. I cannot owe you more with how everyone insisted you getting involved with the shit I face at school. And I really appreciate that you have been trying to make me feel better, but I was just afraid you would not believe me when I tell you the other bit of the story… which I am ready to share with you now, if you want to hear it.”

Jack looked at her pointedly. He would never be able to comprehend what it is with him and being empathetic, giving people second chances, or being able to easily brush off whatever wrongs people have done to him; especially when it comes to his own sister. With all the thoughts of what might also happen to their family earlier, he took a deep breath.

“Alright,” Jack said, “I am all ears.”

“Thank you!” She leaped to hug her brother, and cleared her throat as she released him and began,”okay. So, all of the incidents that have been happening lately… I probably did have something to do about it, because… I did imagine what is to happen in my head.

“But I swear I didn’t mean to. I was either scared or angry at what was going to happen that I would think of a scenario in which I would be able to walk away from it unharmed or wish that the person would have a taste of their own medicine, and they happened. But I don’t know how to control it.”

She continued telling him the details of what happened to each case. The time she had enough with the jock or the bully and her pack, also when she just cannot get over her fear of frogs, or the time the coach having drilled the team all day and saying something along the lines of them should have been enrolling to home economics instead of the baseball club.

It was hard for Jack to process all of them and immediately consider that “psychic” powers are real. It is not because he does not believe in Roxy, but most of his life, those kinds of things only exist in books or movies.

“Jack, trust me I tried to brush it off the first few times it happened, but I know it’s no coincidence,” Roxy pleaded to convince her brother.

“I’ll be honest, Rox,” Jack looked at her in the eye, “It’s still hard for me to believe in these supra-natural things in general, but if it is true, I have no idea how we can deal with it…”

“I know,” she said, “I don’t hold anything against you, Jack, you know that.”

“But promise me, no more hiding things from me, okay? Maybe it’s better now that we both at least recognize that the power works when you’re angry or when you feel threatened…,” Jack wondered and smiled reassuringly to his sister, “let’s try to work it out from there.”

She smiled back, “Thanks. But how do you suppose we deal with the people in the living room? If they asked, I don’t think I could just explain this to them without getting sacked to the cuckoo house…”

“Ya’ don’t need to. We believe ya’.”

Midway to their conversation, the siblings seem to forget that they were not whispering to each other anymore, and that they seem to have an audience overhearing them from the door. The door opened, revealing their Mum and the two truly unexpected guests.

The guy, Mr. Crenshaw, seemed to be able to unlock the door from the outside without possessing any key to it, “Not the only one with special powers, ya’ see. Though I may not be able to go into people’s minds like you and Dr. Lee here.”

“We might know how you can control your powers, Roxanne,” said the woman, “I’m Aimee Lee and this is Joe Crenshaw. We run an academy for gifted young people like you.”


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