Fiction Friday!


The other day I was thinking of how I can get to practice writing my own stories and how to be consistent doing it. So far, with this platform, I have managed to at least write daily for my own small therapy session and slowly be relieved from my insomniac tendencies. I also have always loved how people can get creative in writing fiction as much as I enjoy reading fiction and holding some characters so dear to my oh-so-feeble soul, so I thought, why not include it in the blog instead?

After giving it some more thought, and also considering how I need an outlet for my feels after reading a book so that I can function properly after finishing one (also inspired by the conversations I have with a constant companion), I decided to include Fiction Friday as a new category in this blog.

This new segment will be posted every Friday, where I would attempt to write my own short fiction, or do appreciation posts on fictional characters I found interesting of all the books I have read or will read this year.

So, if you happen to come across the stories or just me writing about how I cannot contain my feels over certain fictional characters, any comments will be highly appreciated 🙂



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