2.5 out of 5

Write about what you did last weekend as though you’re a music critic reviewing a new album.

Source: B+

“When life gives you lemon, make lemonades”, or juice out any fruits available for sale to go on, whatever that means. The commonly known, old saying is essentially what upcoming artist, Circe, implied in her debut album “Pathetic Ponderer”, while reiterating how people have seemed to forget Survival 101 as they collectively chase the constructed scheme of happiness the society forcefully shoved down their throats.

She revealed that she came across the idea one fateful weekend when she wakes up too late in the afternoon, which become the hit single “Overslept”. One can’t deny the relateable hook of the song going, “Too few hours to Monday, eh eh/Too much to ask for a delay, eh eh”. As silly as how literal the lyrics are, it seemed to make its way to everyone’s eardrums as it had been kept on replay, notably in Lazy Sunday specials.

This brings us to talk about the other songs in the album that seemed to get overlooked. “Hypothetical” and “Captive” seemed to address the questions of being drowned in musings about the impossible, and that entertaining the idea seemed to do nothing much but another entry in a journal, if one kept any. She made it clear that she does not preach for extreme measures to be taken for a change, but to reassess one’s aspirations and take it one step at a time in the next track, “Pace”. These songs have segmented audiences; those thinking it’s a little too deep, patronizing, or sermon-like, while others finding it as the singer-songwriter’s outlet to voice out her opinions, as others are able to do the same.

Other songs, like “Binge”, in which she hinted her obsession for burgers and french fries for having them any time of the day, are basically the nonsensical pop part of the album, an absolute filler which gives us listeners mixed feelings on whether to listen to the remaining songs of the album. The same goes with the tracks “Winter Blues” and “In My Room (Stuck)” as both sounds too awfully the same with the “na na na” chorus and “don’t care for shit” emo teen-ish whines in the history of pop. Seriously though, it’s an album, not a badly written autobiography. Thankfully enough, she brings the tunes back with the last track “Float” as she summed up her late night reveries, dedicated to the “wanderers of the dark, vigilant nocturnally”, hoping it will give them rest despite the regnant system “favoring the early birds”.

All in all, even though it is not the best album to kickstart 2016, it is not all too “pathetic” for an indie newcomer. There is room to grow for the “ponderer”.


  1. Ngobesing Romanus · January 17, 2016

    Happy to read this.


    • pointlessphilosopher · January 17, 2016

      Glad that you like it. I was really just testing waters despite my inability to criticize music much in real life due to my tastelessness hahaha


  2. Gia · January 18, 2016

    This is such a great response to the brief! I absolutely love the song titles you came up with, especially “Binge” and “In My Room (Stuck)”. I can definitely relate to the emo teen-ish whines and by the sound of your soundtrack, I’m pretty sure we had a similar weekend :p


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