Sin: An Overview

You’re given the serious task of adding a new one to the list — another trait or behavior you find particularly unacceptable, for whatever reason. What’s sin #8 for you? Why?

Source: The Eighth Sin

To give you an early warning, in the end I did not manage to come up with a specific behaviour close to the criteria suggested. But here’s a list of what may possibly deserve the title of the eighth deadly sin.

According to an unacceptably limited research I hastily did on the Internet, sin could be defined as an act of transgression or offense against the divine law. Obviously, I am no God,  nor am I one of the gods, but apparently my imaginations (and the Daily Post) allow me to decree a new, separate classification of vices, to be condemned against all humanity.

There are a few things in mind that I consider to be offensive for whatever reason, but I don’t think they necessarily deserve the new title of being the eighth sin. Even as I imagine being a higher being, I would not impose the prohibition of head-touching (or patting as many would prefer it) because apparently a lot of people enjoy it, while I find the act immensely invasive. I would be reluctant to declare the eradication of all house-lizards, cockroaches and frogs, because I know that might affect the ecosystem or whatever balance the nature needed as much as I loathe their existence.

I think I stayed too true to my character as a smaller being too much that I simply cannot ordain a mandate without thinking people would hate being obliged to abide by the most ridiculous laws I came up with that they start a rebellion to overthrow me–which is not quite how it works if I am a god, because I can actually just destroy them rather than be afraid I will be the one who perish. Nevertheless, I still abhor the idea of being forced to obey or do something I don’t like, thus I refuse to do the same to other people. What can I say? I have lived the life of the disadvantaged and powerless for too long, the idea of having too much power seems rather appalling than exciting.

Sensible ones I can think of like naming littering, stealing, racial and religious discrimination, verbal as well as sexual harassment as candidates for the eighth sin may have been included within the Seven already. Besides, even if they are considered as sins, the consequences would not come into effect as quickly as if there was a utopia where those actions are banned and that people’s lives depended on their obedience to the law. Sins apparently only concern those who opted to abide by the order of the Almighty; those who believe in the existence of the ultimate ruler of the universe who has his own way to retribute those who trespass against him. Probably not as ineffective as the current efforts on gaining states to refer to the international law, but the point is, national legal systems in the world are interestingly more universal and immediate in its penalties at present.

Finally, to give myself an idea of blasphemy so that my covert originality could be ignited, I decided to scrutinize the seven sins with the power of Wikipedia. I observed that they also share one common characteristic: all entails the keyword “uncontrolled”. Uncontrolled anger or hatred, want to deprive others from their belongings as well as insatiable desires for sex, consumption of food or material possession, apathy, adoration to oneself thus belittling others–all these are short descriptions of what wrath, envy, lust, gluttony, greed, sloth and pride, respectively. Then I thought, rather than having emotions that got out of hand, what if one is to overly control these desires? Could that be considered a sin as well?

At least the seven virtues, which are the parallel to the deadly sins, do not seem to promote excessive control over such urges out of the extent of the depletion of human needs. Come to think about it, will that not be a person denying his or her innate humanly qualities? Will that be an act of perseverance to attain godly features to the point of irreverence? Honestly, I don’t know if that is even possible.

Even if it is possible, and if that is what God wishes or commands us to do, then what’s the point of free will? What’s the point of creating beings with flaws on the first place? If human beings are set to be able to accede to all divine virtues, why make it in our nature to be prone to disobedience, and even better… or worse, let us follow through it to sin?

Albeit the part where it is possible to pull off another Lucifer in a way that is not pride, but cultivation and self-righteousness, I am still not thoroughly convinced if the process itself might make the cut to be the eighth sin. But I guess it’s the best I can come up with after both the ridiculous and reasonable ones mentioned earlier in this post.

I should have just made indecisiveness the new cardinal sin instead.




  1. dilchh · February 1, 2016

    Indecisiveness FTW!

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  2. creatingahome · February 1, 2016

    The cnclusion is very befitting.
    A well written post.

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