Sieve-like Euphoria

What was the last thing that gave you a real, authentic, tearful, hearty belly laugh? Why was it so funny?

Source: Roaring Laughter

What’s that sound? It’s me digging through the hole of my merrier memories which I hope is less like a dumpster it already is. Don’t mind the clank and clash though; I am now just scavenging through the alleyway to get there. Too much procrastination-related and other masochistic regrets, also miscellaneous drama I have no choice but witness, and some fresh dung bombs life forced upon me getting in the way. Surely there is a little something.

Let’s see. Here I found my go-to videos obtained from late-night YouTube odysseys. Comedy sketches, viral challenges and visually-enhanced ranting–I mean, vlogs–I totally relate with, gaming videos I vicariously live through because I am rubbish at games in general, some Buzzfeed here and there, cartoons… how can I survive a day without you guys in this cold, supposedly-almost-over winter?

Oh, I discovered some witty one-liners from this highly entertaining, yet dark and depressing book “A Reunion of Ghosts”. Fantastic. Just the right amount of woeful entertainment intake for the gloomy soul.

Well, look at this! The jewel among the junks! I unearthed this on a radio show a few days ago, where there was a segment allowing people to rant about things that annoy them, and for a moment I felt a piece of my soul returned to its rightful place. There was this person who was irked with the pronunciation of Sean Bean’s name. In case all of us have not noticed, this guy pointed out that both the word “sean” and “bean” has the same three last letters “ean”, and he was disturbed with the fact that both words are pronounced differently. I lost it the moment he infuriatedly ended the call saying something along the lines of, “So, why is his name pronounced ‘Shawn Been’? It should be either ‘Shawn Bawn’ or ‘Sheen Been’!”

There seem to be a trend in this depot. How bizarrely abrupt these flashbacks are, yet effectively eliciting warm surge of good feeling. Also, things inciting loud, unflattering chortles and snorts from me are either grim comedy or puns, proxy fulfillment, or people’s pent-up frustration about measly stuff. Lord almighty, I feel like all sweetness and light again just by recollecting these rarities. Now, that is the cue time to step out of this junkyard of assorted amusements to go back to the bleak reality of pseudo-holiday for a senior grad student. Don’t want to get perky cooties; a bite causes hallucination and acute addiction to happiness. That will make one despise life even more than how despicable it already is!

Except for the moment of realization on how I am deprived from laughter caused by human interaction, I am more concerned by the fact that this is probably the one post in which I use the most exclamation marks.

I hope that’s not the cooties. Pesky fiend.


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