Unsophisticated Gluttony

Some people eat to live, while others live to eat. What about you? How far would you travel for the best meal of your life?

Source: Live to Eat

If I were to put both options as two ends of a spectrum, I would say I fall in between, skewing a little to the right, making me the type who lives to eat to a limited extent.

But honestly, who does not enjoy eating? Who would be able to resist the very enticement that is food? In my short span of life and the cramped set of acquaintances and friends I have managed to meet, I have never encountered anyone who is genuinely–not contextually as found when someone is on a diet or if the food is horrible or not suited to one’s palate–offended by the existence of food laid before their eyes. Even the idea of those who eat to live does not immediately suggest that there are people who are displeased with eating; it just proposes that there is a consistently increasing value added to eating, which is already there on the first place.

It is true that some people would be willing to travel far and wide to discover the ultimate meal, yet some other people do not really have the means to go as far as the former would, some simply enjoy what is available in their near surroundings. Again, I fall within the category of those with restricted means and being basically a homebody. Therefore, despite my love for food, either I need to be able to manage my pocket well, or essentially my appetite needs to firstly be able to conquer with my love of being too comfortable at home. Also, I cook quite decently, at least in no way it would upset my taste buds. All those Saturday brunch times observing my Mum cooking do pay off.

By this point, some might wonder how committed I am to eating that I identify as those who value eating as much as it is to exist. Let me just get this out there: I am tasteless and I am ready to try and consume as much food as possible if they are readily presented to be indulged in fervor.

Yes, the fact that I am tasteless means my own cooking might be toxic to humankind.

But my point is, I have very neutral, baby tongue which means it’s totally undeveloped especially when it comes to meat (still unable to distinguish quality–I mean, come on, it’s meat!) that I am literally up to tasting different types of food (except for those made of certain species from Kingdom Animalia). Along with the black hole of a stomach and my damaged sense of satiation with hunger I am born with, I then have the advantage of both the capacity and want to eat, through which I see a trace of light in life. This reiterates the bias I have towards the end of the spectrum of existing to eat, though slightly. Well, a little more. That’s it.

Pardon me for being a voracious peasant… or merely piggish. In my defence, I do not choose to live this life on the first place either.


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