Dish It Out

Which quirky habit annoys you the most, and what quirky habit do you love — in yourself, or others.

Source: Quirk of Habit

Allow me to open this post with a question: does the word quirky here imply the need to make the habit bizarrely and specifically done by me, or does it also qualify as one if the habit is unusually done only by a group of people? As if it is the latter, it seems the word quirky itself loses its meaning. That unless the majority decided it is still weird regardless.

I was just being a prick by asking the question, wasn’t I? Oh well, depends on the way one looks at it, it could be either me being simply annoying, or having a quirky habit of being meticulously irritable by questioning any prompt and writing about it anyhow even if it might directly address the inquiry. And I’m doing exactly that as I will share one quirky habit which is not particularly annoying nor likeable to myself, but most likely will drive other people crazy.

I weirdly have the need to organize and stack dirty dishes in a particular order before I wash them, so that it would be easier to arrange them on the dish rack. No matter if there is only a few things to wash, but even more if there is a colossal amount of dishes to be cleaned up, I would always take a moment to separate the cutlery from the dinnerware and the cooking utensils, arrange them in a manner that is orderly enough to rinse and fit them on the dish rack. If it doesn’t fit, then I would find a way to stack the dishes so as to build a firm foundation, usually by putting the largest in diameter at the bottom, to the smallest one on the top. Yes, I’m a fucking domesticated dish-washing dominatrix. Dish-minatrix. I’m sorry, it’s not my intention to send you to dark, dodgy, imaginative places.

I–or to be exact, my Mum and then I–realize I have a system, unlike the rest of my family members at least, when I offered to help with the dishes after cooking lunch, while my Mum were arranging the dry ones to the shelves. She pointed out the trouble I went to by firstly rearranging the dishes on the sink, then lather, rinse and finally stack them on the rack. I also remembered how I ended up rearranging newly washed dish stacks by my brother because it looks completely cluttered and some are in danger of crashing. I hope that is not the reason why he would prefer doing any other chore except for dish-washing.

I reckon it is rooted from me being an immensely clumsy person and how troublesome it is when ceramic or glassware pieces seemingly disappeared but actually dispersed like dust once they break. I feel like it is part of my responsibility to at least reduce the possibility of any of them crashing, saving the effort to pull a pair of hawk eyes so as to make sure I, or anybody in the house, would not step on them.

That is the extent of responsibility I am willing to take as an adult, apparently.

Again, I should reiterate the habit does not specifically irritate me as in some way it helps me to be more careful when handling things considering the klutz I already am; nor does it something I cherish because I know it could make living with me somehow unbearable as rearranging dishes emits loud, clanking noise. But in my defense, it’s not as bad as listening to my mini shower concerts through the bathroom walls, or my need to always play music and tapping at the table along with it when I’m working on stuff, or the excessive rules I impose when lending people my hard-earned books, or chewing straws…

What? Those are merely annoying habits tons of other people also do. I’m sticking to writing about the quirkiest one from the start, being slightly off topic as usual included.




  1. rogershipp · February 14, 2016

    As long as YOU are washing the dishes… be as quirky as you want!!!


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