Punch the Clock

You’ve been granted magical engineering skills, but you can only use them to build one gadget or machine. What do you build?

Source: World’s Best Widget

Never having required to deal with any forms of machine unless to merely operate them, I might be flattering myself too much with the thought of possessing even the normal engineering skills. Seriously, I am already overwhelmed by the idea that it brings out my most vile of vices: indecisiveness due to the many, many imaginative options involved.

Let’s just say my biggest achievement for the day is my ability of boldly resolve to one imaginary gadget to build using the instant gift; oh, also the fact that I manage to write this down.

This product I am going to launch to the world is specifically designed to those who are, let’s say, challenged in the time-management department. I hear your call as it screams out the same plea that has been haunting me for years of increasingly delayed and piled work loads, to-do lists, or even bucket lists which had remained “lists” for too long nonetheless. With the power of magic and science vested upon me, I would create the ultimate apparatus for those who have always been painfully waiting for “the rush” or “the zone” to come, yet found it always too little too late–those who are tired of living out of mugs of strong coffee or cans of Red Bull, secretly wishing that they had never stepped or even encountered the rabbit hole of the very son of the devil, Sloth, himself. May I present you, the WatchClock.

The machine looks like your ordinary digital alarm clock ones (with iPod or any MP3 players and radio feature). Yet once it rang in the morning, it will also emit a harmless, magical light wave which will increase your sense of alertness that will not make you even think of pressing the snooze button; well, also because there will not be any. Not only will it activate for at least the next 8 effective hours, the said light wave will also eradicate any intention to dilly-dally on your workloads as it chemically assists the brain to bridge the corrosive gap between intention and action most procrastinators suffer from. The clock will help people to at least find a healthy habit of self-regulation without even being consciously exposed to the pain on the early phase relying only on willpower. Only by the very first push of the button to input the time to wake up daily, people will slowly find a rhythm to balance between work and entertainment for the rest of the day. The best news is that the WatchClock will be available in affordable peasant price, and by that I mean high school and university students poverty level.

No more mulling over your misspent youth… or your misspent now. Surely the biggest problem of our generation would be solved to the point where the gadget itself is no longer needed. You are very welcome.

If the chance of cure is there with little to no side effects, I guess it’s a no-brainer that one will take it. Honestly, I’m immediately sold by the mere fact that it’s affordable and it’s helping me wake up early without snoozing.



  1. Ngobesing Romanus · February 17, 2016

    Nice reading your post.


  2. rogershipp · February 18, 2016

    “eradicate any intention to dilly-dally on your workloads ” Can I buy one for my students at school!


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