Echinodermic Propensity

Reincarnation: do you believe in it?

Source: Karma Chameleon

Considering I have numerously mentioned that I am convinced I was a sea cucumber in my previous life, I guess it’s a pretty hefty giveaway about my thoughts on reincarnation. Sort of; because I am not sure if I’m just joking or that I have internalized it as true.

Well, this post is over quickly… eh, I’ve done this before, so let’s go back to business.

I have always felt there is something romantic–in a sentimental, idealistic kind of way, not the reduced meaning suggesting love or whatnot–with the idea of reincarnation. It seems apparent in the notion of how the past matters and that it may explain how each individual behaves or carries a certain quality in the present, all controlled by presumed rules that construct how nature operates. Yet it makes me feel like life is more a chore than it already is; how troublesome it is to “attain rationality”, how one needs to deny the human element that is inherent to everyone to at least be a human being, let alone a divine being or part of the deities.

I understand that to some it serves as an incentive to do good deeds, and although the motivation is still kind of self-centered, it bodes well with the outcome in a bigger perspective. And I respect people who made conscious choices to contribute to the well-being of the society be it through their beliefs or simply morality and courtesy. I reckon it’s either I am merely more comfortable with the idea of living just one rather than numerous lives with my previous memories completely wiped out (because again, too much work for such my decrepit soul), or I am just a miserable, lazy bum… both sounds similar, but at least the former implies I found a certain meaning in a single, short life, which I don’t even bother to question anymore since it gives me nothing but more migraines and infinite procrastination (which, side note, I’d like to call “sea-cucumbering sequence”).

So what about this sea-cucumber thing? Let’s settle with the fact that I am “entertaining” the thought of me being reincarnated from one to a very limited extent, because it started out as a gibberish remark a friend gave me while she saw me limping my body while lamenting life and the pile of schoolwork we need to do–and seriously, whatever for!?–which she found hilarious. She called out how I look like a sea cucumber lying on a seabed, and I picture myself just looking distantly to the tiny light trying to decipher it with the sad excuse of neural tissues I have for a brain. And suddenly I am enlightened. I probably was a sea cucumber… no, I am a sea cucumber stuck in a human body having too much potential than my inner nature, and I need to return to the dark abyss of waters which is my true home… umm, well, to exaggerate.

To be honest, I simply find the comfort of such thoughts to redeem with the fact that I am so done with the whole academic crap I need to deal with, and the fact that procrastination seems to be the only way I am coping with it. Yep, again with the issue of convenience: it’s me, me, me not wanting to do what I don’t necessarily have to do, but is rationally the better option, so I have to. Bloody indecisive, typical millennial.

But in all seriousness though, “Karma Chameleon”? Like that song really has anything to do with karma OR reincarnation… or not annoying enough for a reference. Pffttt.


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