Fair Enough?

Why do people think they deserve or not deserve to be treated in a certain way?

Of course, because people tend to think what comes around comes back around; that if you wrong someone, then bad things will happen to you in the near future, and same goes if one does good to others. It’s all based on reciprocity and every proper human beings know that it’s just all business, creating win-win situations and shaking their hands over it.

But shit happens. Almost all the time if Lady Randomness is just being herself, deciding on people’s so-called “fortune” for the day or “fate” in the long term. That if you believe nature or the universe have a say in your life more often than not.

And when you got thrown bananas at your face, assuming that you have done quite well to others and you are supposed to be treated well back don’t really help, dunnit?

What follows are moans of distress, the question why repeated too copious a time without any avail, forgetting that sometimes one does not really have the highly arguable control of events occurring or reoccurring in their lives. It doesn’t really take anyone to be especially superstitious or histrionic to realize that there are events one cannot really influence by the mastery or restraint of past actions. By no means one should not try to have some grasp for survival, but there is only so much one can do to secure their present, or overcome the shadow of the future.

To tell you the truth, I am not sure if it is okay for anyone to have the very assumption that they are making their own “funds” of good deeds by doing good themselves. It is absolutely fine if it is expected of a certain second party who are aware of their share of responsibility, but to actually expect anyone you came across to fare you well just because you have did so to someone else does not seem to be as fair, does it?

On the other hand, I am not saying that people have to do the otherwise; to suddenly be dicks to each others or the stupid extreme. My point is, people can be dicks–each of us can–and most of the time it’s not because of you, it’s just them. Unless you have personally hurt or offend them in whichever manner, it is not because you didn’t do good enough in your previous endeavours–they probably are just having a bad day or they are simply rude. I am not condoning those actions as well; dickheads are dickheads, but really, the shame is on them. So stop with all the “I don’t deserve this!” or “Never in my life have I been treated that way!”, or “Why God? I’m a decent person but why does shit always happen to me?” and the whole feeling of failure that comes afterwards. I can never have guessed even only one of the reasons why we are so keen in hurting ourselves.

It seems like the meaning of justice can only be found in law textbooks as far as I’m concerned, and even in those sources debates are ongoing to construct what is fair. In real life, it appears that the judge is the norms formed by the society, and even that is faulty as partly it is responsible of the good-paid-for-good system some people took the liberty of using for presumption of “the mechanism of good deeds reserve” (or is it religion? I can’t be sure).

Moderation, the key to ensure our sanity be kept in tact, is an old-aged wisdom people just can’t seem to fathom most of the time. Expect the unexpected, but only in context of worst case scenarios. But do restrictively expect the expected, when it comes to good ones. No more, no less. Moderation.

Well, what can I say? Mediocrity is always underrated. And people say they only want a stable, quiet life. Pffttt.


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