On a Blue Trip

You are on a mission to Mars. Because of the length of of the journey, you will never be able to return to Earth. What about our blue planet will you miss the most?

Source: Longing for Gravity

Umm, just one quick question, do I still have time to withdraw from the mission? No, no, actually, could you please remind me why I agreed to the mission on the first place? Unless there are benefits of living in Mars that may have slipped off of my mind, I am entitled to be suspicious that I might not give my full consent to it, or was signing the contract under duress.

But let’s assume I have no options whatsoever and I should be deported into space. Since I don’t really have any idea what Mars would look like except that it look like a desert in the latest Star Wars movie (is it called Jakku?), I would probably miss the blue mass of water and colour of the sky on the clear, good days.

I love the colour blue, second to black which is always the easiest to the eyes–well, especially mine. When I was 10, my parents decided my brother and I should have separate rooms, and while he had his room painted garfield orange, I asked for sky blue. I just found it very calming, and it turns out little me had the knack to foresee the future, because the school years after were quite distressing for me, and the colour of the room helps me to relax and create the right ambience for a productive night, listening to music while trying to understand myself through writing… enough with the trip down memory lane of junior and senior high school, I cannot let embarrassment crush my already damaged self-esteem to pieces again.

Point is, blue, as much as writing, is therapeutic to me.

Water, as I have mentioned for the umpteenth time, is what I assume my original habitat was as a sea cucumber in my previous life. Also, it emits the colour blue in different shades, which is another reason why I would miss having so much blue around if I did survive the journey to Mars.

It just struck me how I really am surrounded by a whole lot of blue in my life and how it is quite abundant in this planet we’re living in; the clear sky, the ocean, rivers, lakes… pools, even. If I made it alive to Mars and were able to create my own house, there’s going to be a lot of blue there, also black and grey.

Who am I kidding? I should probably just ask the mechanics for a tiny favour to colour the whole space shuttle blue. I mean, come on, I’m not going back and that’s what I’m going to miss most about the planet. Not to mention if the journey failed, I wouldn’t be able to see my family and friends who in any sense matters the most, and they couldn’t come with me. A little request for interior paint shouldn’t be too much of a problem, should it?

Since that is sorted, you see why if I weren’t forced to leave I would mind being trusted with a mission of no return? Exactly. Why would anyone actually leave home away from those they hold dear if there are no benefits, nor there are promises of survival and safety? Seriously, it already takes the best of my luck to meet these people out of the other awkward or weird encounters I have had, moreover to keep in touch with them.

No joke, I must be drugged or too tired to argue when I got the offer.


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