Spring to Being

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

A work of fiction submitted for the prompt: Leap


Aaand what? Fall on my knees? Dislocate my shoulder? Break my neck? N’ah, I’ll just walk. I’m good.

What the–hey, hey, hey, what’s going on? Ouch, careful with the arms, can’t speedy-type without those around, y’know? Where are you guys taking me?

Another dark place, how original of you. Saving on a blindfold, quite thrifty aren’t ya? Oof. Ugh, I hope that’s not moss. This place is too damp for my taste, and stinky to my nose. What is it with you high, mighty blokes and cold dungeons?

Alright, what do you guys want from me? You don’t need to be harsh, let’s talk about it like civilized beings, aight?


Well, see, I’ve got a problem with that request. First off, where do you want me to leap to? And two, how can I know where to land if it’s pitch fucking black here? Whether this is some kind of sick joke or a twisted version of a trust exercise, I had no intention whatsoever to be part of this. So can we please just be done with this so I can head back to–err–head back to… w-what? W-where am I from?  Why c-can’t I remember anything?


Whoa, whoa, hold up, someone’s having a moment right here! Okay… okay, I was in front of the library waiting for… before I was in a… room, dimly lit… but where? A lady… was that my Mum? She’s smiling… A man is crying… an old book… a baby… Th-this doesn’t make sense!


Hang on. It’s you, isn’t it!? You make me forget so I can be some sort of your fucking lab rat! I can’t see this as just a prank anymore. You give me back my memories, and even with that you still owe me an explanation why I am here in your shady, humid psych ward!


Grrrr, alright. There, I jumped. Oh what now? You don’t specify a particular type I should do… Fine! Backward. Forward. Forward.  To the left. Right. Ri–aaaaaaaaargh! Oof. Trap doors, pfffttt, oh this can’t get any better… ow, my head… I… I can’t seem t-to feel my…


Wha-ow, that’s a swollen duck’s egg on my head… Hello? Hey, it’s kinda dark in here. Where the hell am I?




Whatever the hell for? And where to? Can I just get out of here an–a-and… wait, where was I? Wh-who am I? How did I, and w-why did I end up here?

…what is happening?


Be there early, she said. The best spot might be taken, she said. I showed up here right at the time the library opened and I can’t find her anywhere. Great! Now she ditched me to do her part of the paperwork. Fucking convenient, eh, Jo–huh?

That was funny. Why did for a second think I need to be here with someone?


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