A Letter from Just

A ramble and quick letter from Fairness, or what I imagine she’d say if she has her opinions of the world today. The fingers did it, not aided much by the brain. A response written to follow up the Daily Prompt: Breakthrough

We live in an age where a breakthrough is reduced to a meaning similar to progress without innovation. At least I believe it is so.

People started to call a development in research on a cure for disease a breakthrough, but not necessarily that they get to actually discover one. Leaders gather with each other discussing how they need to cooperate and carry on a plan to reduce problems in the world and call the forum a successful breakthrough in world cooperation. They forgot that these plans have been talked about years ago without necessarily any difference in development issues. Hundreds and thousands still hunger, has no access to primary education or basic healthcare. They see it is enough to give away necessities while not necessarily distribute the knowledge and technology for one to sufficiently stand on one’s foot. Still, it’s a minor breakthrough, they would call it. How conveniently diplomatic.

People claim to make a difference by doing so little. But has it always been enough?

They say equality is not simply an ideal not achievable. That it takes time for efforts to materialize. That it is worth investing our everything in it for the next generation. How noble of them. How hopeful. How does anyone keep at it when there is so few who believed? Or took actions that allows steps forward?

More importantly, how can the system be so hypocritical; endorsing the ‘right’ values but at the same time outwardly mocks it by rewarding only those with the money, power and fame? And with that they expect a ‘breakthrough’ in all aspects of life? Cut me some slacks.

And I did just that. Because I’ve longed for a genuine change enough that I am tired.

Convince me that it’s still worth the try; that one can still find hope and kindness, anything good.

And for even that small achievement, hypocritically, I am willing to generously bargain my standards with the world. Yes, for the efforts, the chances to achieve a breakthrough.