Nomad Diaries: The Buoyant Beginning (Pt.1)

In this two-part piece, I reflected upon my days as a nomad-slash-student in Busan and Seoul. Make sure to check out other stories by Indonesian vagabonds at 🙂


Caroline Pratama journals what it meant for her to leave home for Busan, Korea, and later Seoul. Her quests, other than for the delightful task of learning, was to self-discover.

The Buoyant Beginning

I started my journey away from home with a promise.

With all the time and space to myself, I will come back as someone more determined and decisive.

In three years, I will know the answer to what I aspire to do in life, and I can act on it. I will finally get the direction to what jobs I will be interested in, and my life will take off from there.

Contrary to what I told my family and friends the night I left for Incheon, I was genuinely excited to the point that I did not feel nervous at all. I was so eager to leave so I could establish my independence, embarking on…

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