I am a struggling grad student, hopefully coming close to my final semester by the end of the first half of this year… I often find myself questioning things in life that are too profound for me to handle while pondering over my previous life choices, such as getting another degree directly after undergrad, bringing me to this point where I felt I am so done with it, but I am actually not. At least not yet. In an attempt to give myself well-needed sleep by channeling those thoughts, pointlessphilosopher is created. More on the genesis of the blog here.

That was up until 7 months ago.

The miserable student has now evolved (or devolved) to a miserable over-qualified graduate, also known as, the struggling unemployed bum.

This was up until 5 days ago.

The jobless bum has finally landed a job offer. Yup, I am officially entering the labor force. Uh-oh.

Acting like an adult has never been my forte, let alone actually being one. Certainly I am grateful that now I got to make some living and actually help out the family. But the thought of being swept away in routine and lethargy scares me; not only if I can do the job just fine, but also the prospect of a second-wave quarter-life crisis. Maybe even existential. That, I guess, is exactly where this blog came in, as a safe place to rant and conserve some peace of mind. A sanctuary, if you will.

I still write some fiction on Fridays, too. Also mostly still for my own entertainment.

So, here’s to being a bloody typical millennial rambling about the roots of indifference in life. Cheers!




  1. Ngobesing Romanus · February 15, 2016

    I am happy to read your about page. It’s nice. I look forward to reading more from you.


  2. Sherry Miyano · January 5, 2017

    Love the introduction Mei. Feel the raw honesty here 😉


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